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Birds of a feather...

This blue jay is dear to my heart, he stopped by the trees behind our house and I was able to capture him right before he flew off. I like to think he gave me a gift by staying for a moment.

"Jay" art print was created from an original watercolor painting by artist and nature lover Lana Gibson. Printed on thick and beautifully soft organic cotton paper, the colors in "Jay" are simply stunning.


Display this print in your home and you’ll be intrigued by the sweet expression on this bluejay every time you pass by. Each print is signed and inspected by the artist for that personal touch and is packaged with care to ensure safe delivery. 


  • Title: "Jay"
  • Artwork by Lana Gibson
  • Printed on organic cotton paper
  • Original design from the signature collection
  • Signed by the artist
  • Packaged for safe delivery


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