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"CURIOUS" Animal Watercolor Art

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Cultivate your curiosity with beautiful nature inspired artwork


Fearless and regal, these inquisitive foxes represent the wild way we sometimes wish our lives could be lived. Through their curiosity, we recognize our own desire to seek, learn, and discover.

Print from the original watercolor painting “Curious” by Lana Gibson.

Find yourself captivated by the curious fox cub and his watchful mother. This watercolor wall art will help you remember to keep your child-like curiosity and discover new things. We can gain so much from connecting ourselves to the simple moments of nature and learning from them. We can learn to slow down, stay curious, and notice the good that is present in our lives. The lovely colors and detail in this piece are bound to fit your cozy home decor and will help you find comfort in each new day.

Pair this nature themed art print with your favorite framing option and you will have the perfect framed wall art for your home.



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